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It is important for people with dementia to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. There are many things that family and friends can do to participate in this.

Staying Active

  • Retain an active social life and continue socialising and interacting with family and friends. It can be very beneficial to have a strong support network.
  • Continue doing enjoyable hobbies and day-to-day chores around the home, for example housework, cooking and gardening.
  • Take part in leisure activities like crafts, exercise and games. For suggestions on suitable products click here.
  • Carers should do their best to encourage the person to maintain their independence - if the person is struggling with something, try not to take over or become frustrated. Instead, encourage them to complete tasks at their own pace.
  • Consider ways of adapting popular activities to help the person avoid feeling frustrated, e.g. reading a magazine rather than a book, doing an easier crossword or jigsaw puzzle.
Helpful Tips to Encourage Independent Living

Many people with dementia can continue to live independently on their own for a considerable time and there are several practical things that can be implemented to enable this.

Home Improvements for Safety

  • Make sure the home is well lit and that there are no obvious hazards, such as loose carpets, rugs, trailing cables or unsteady furniture

  • Ensure the bathroom is a safe place, for example check the floor isn't slippery.

  • Fit safety grab rails and make sure the home is easy to manoeuvre around.

  • Contact Social Services for an assessment on how to make everyday life safer and easier.
  • Consider a Falls Prevention Assessment from Care & Repair Leeds.
Jogging the Memory
  • Use pictures or signs on doors and cupboards to remind where things are.
  • Keep a diary or calendar to remind you about day to day activities; and also prepare lists or notes, for example write down your 'things to do today'.
  • Use electronic reminders to manage medication and jog your memory.
Day-to-Day Activities
  • Retain a regular washing and personal care routine - don't be afraid to ask if you need a bit of help.
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated. 'Meals on Wheels' services can be beneficial if you find that food preparation becomes difficult.
  • Keep in regular contact with family, friends and neighbours so they can help you out when necessary and check that you are managing your condition.
Carers - Looking After Yourself

If you like with and provide help and assistance to a family member of friend who has dementia, it is important to make sure you look after yourself and your own needs as well as theirs.
  • Take time to do your own thing and have a break from caring regularly.
  • Ask for help and support from relatives and friends if you need it, or contact professional organisations - see below for our list of helpful contacts.
  • Join local support groups within your community - you can find your nearest on
  • If you are providing regular care for someone, ask to be assessed by your local authority to find out what support you are entitled to. See for more advice.
Helpful Contacts

There are many organisations dedicated to helping people with dementia and their families by providing advice and support - please see a selection below.