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Product Advice

An individual's condition will determine what type of equipment is the most suitable. Here are some useful considerations you should take into account when you are purchasing daily living aids and equipment. This helpful guide has been produced by the in-house Occupational Therapists at Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

Bath and Shower Boards

Bath and shower boards fit over the top of the bath, resting on either side, providing a stable platform to help you get in and out of the bath.


  • The bath board allows you to get your legs into the bath whilst sitting down, and then to sit over the bath, to have a wash over the bath or underneath an over-bath shower. If you want to become immersed in the water, then a bath lift may be more suitable
  • How will you wash whilst sitting on the bath board? Can you reach the water to wash? Will you be sitting on the shower board underneath a shower over the bath?
  • The dimensions of the bath are important, bath boards come in a variety of lengths, the overall width of the bath and the inside width are required
  • The shape of the bath is important, has the bath got sloped or angled bath sides? Bath boards are available that will fit onto sloped or angled bath sides
  • Bath boards with a back rest are available to provide extra support
  • Check the maximum user weight limit
  • Check the bath board is secure before each use
  • Check there is no overhang of the board over the side of the bath, to prevent the board from tipping
  • Do you require a grab rail as well? Bath boards with integrated grab handles are available
  • Shower boards have a deeper seat with extra slats

  • Bath Lifts

    Bath lifts sit inside the bath and lower you from the top of the bath to near the bottom, enabling you to be immersed in the water and then raise you up again.


  • The dimensions of the bath - if the bath is deep, the bath lift may not reach the top of the bath. If the bath is narrow at the bottom then the bath lift may not fit in the bath
  • Some bath lifts can recline to allow you to lie back in the water. However, there is less leg room in the bath with these models as the seat has to be positioned further forward in the bath to allow the back to recline
  • Some bath lifts have sliding or rotating seats to aid transfers
  • Bath lifts have a range of controls, it is important that the person is able to control the bath lift if using it without a carer
  • Bath lifts are operated by a rechargeable battery, most models will not lower if there is insufficient power to raise the lift again
  • Check the maximum user weight of bath lift
  • Bath lifts can be removed to accommodate other household members; some have detachable components to allow easy handling
  • Check the weight of the lift if it is to be removed frequently

  • Nottingham Rehab Supplies professionally trained Occupational Therapy Helpline Operator will be pleased to help and guide you on product purpose, suitability, usage and provide technical details to help you make the right choice of product.

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