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Product Advice

An individual's condition will determine what type of equipment is the most suitable. Here are some useful considerations you should take into account when you are purchasing daily living aids and equipment. This helpful guide has been produced by the in-house Occupational Therapists at Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

A raised toilet seat and toilet frame can be used independently or together, or combined toilet seat and frames are available.

Raised Toilet Seat

Increasing the height of the toilet enables you to get on and off the toilet with less effort and discomfort. This can be a problem with hip or knee pain, arthritis or poor balance and co-ordination. Raised toilet seats are available in 3 different heights, 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm) and 6" (150mm).


  • The height of the raised toilet seat usually depends on the height of the person and their level of hip mobility
  • Raised toilet seats are available in a range of shapes and sizes, it is important to ensure that the raised toilet seat you choose fits the shape and size of your toilet
  • If the toilet seat is to be removed regularly to allow for other household members, it is important to get one that you or a carer is able to fit easily. There are a range of different fixing methods available
  • Different seats have different sized apertures (the hole in the middle), this is important for some people
  • The raised toiler seats have a cut away section at the front for ease of personal cleaning
  • Raised toilet seats with a sloped side are available for people who have limited movement in one hip, for example following hip surgery
  • Inflatable raised toilet seats are available and are ideal for travel purposes
  • Check maximum user weight and check the seat is securely fitted prior to each use

  • Toilet Frame

    A toilet frame provides sturdy armrests to enable you to use your arms when transferring on and off the toilet, to lower yourself down and push up from when getting up. They are generally available as free standing and floor fixed frames.


  • Some toilet frames are height adjustable, this allows the frame to be altered to the optimum height
  • A toilet frame with moulded armrests will provide extra comfort and grip
  • Toilet frames with back rests are available
  • Ensure the toilet frame is floor fixed if you only have use of one arm, to prevent it from tipping sideways
  • If floor fixed check surfaces are suitable and strong enough
  • Check the frame is secure regularly
  • Check maximum user weight
  • Check dimensions of toilet and surrounding area to ensure it will fit

  • Combined Toilet Frame And Raised Seat

    These toilet frames have an integrated raised toilet seat, giving the support of the raised seat and the stability of the frame. These are usually height adjustable, to allow the correct height of toilet seat to be achieved. See considerations above.

    Continence Issues

    Involuntary loss of urine may occur during the day or night and can happen to people at any age. There are many types of incontinence and different causes. There are different ranges of equipment to manage incontinence.

  • Incontinence pads are the most popular products, can be worn during the day under clothes or at night
  • Pads with no waterproof backing should be worn in pants with a waterproof pouch or gusset
  • Bed pads protect the mattress, washable or disposable varieties are available
  • Washable bed pads can be washed and reused many times. Some are designed to absorb large quantities of urine, keeping the skin dry, so that you can sleep undisturbed for several hours
  • Generally, disposable bed pads are used as a backup in case a body-worn product leaks, as they tend not to work well when used as sole protection. They vary greatly in their quality, thickness and absorbency. Some are sealed on all four sides, others on only two. Some are "quilted", which may assist urine distribution
  • Waterproof covers to protect mattresses, pillows, blankets, duvets and sleeping bags are available in a range of sizes, styles and fabrics. These help to minimise leaks and stains, reduce laundry and save on replacing worn bedding. There are a range of waterproof pillows and duvets available

  • Nottingham Rehab Supplies professionally trained Occupational Therapy Helpline Operator will be pleased to help and guide you on product purpose, suitability, usage and provide technical details to help you make the right choice of product.

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